ExoLover Launches Crowdsale to Reform the Sex Tech Industry in Australia

Australian Start-up, ExoLover Pty Ltd, has launched a new crowdsale to give token holders the liberty to purchase EXO tokens and partake in the experience of a new sexual reformation. The new blockchain-powered adult entertainment venture is attempting to put an end to sexual repression and promote sexual empowerment. Registration is now open to prospective participants in the crowd sale.
ExoLover aspires to become the world’s first sex tech manufacturer to symphonize a range of wearable sex toys with a platform built on the blockchain, powered by its own crypto-asset – the EXO token.  ExoLover Pty Ltd is now poised to hold the main sale for the purpose of growing the community and potential user base, and this came after surpassing the soft cap in a few days of launching the pre-initial token generation event.
The need to broaden the scope is a crucial component of ExoLover’s vision and with the growing influence blockchain and cryptocurrencies has in most industries including adult entertainment, the company is among a few in this industry with such an attractive value proposition.
Participants in ExoLover’s upcoming TGE will be able to purchase tokens, and besides, they will stand a chance of getting bonus tokens from the designated user reward fund. The company is a fully registered with patents filed for the development of high-tech sex toys. The company also operates a restricted-members only adult entertainment club, this feature allows members to exclusively have access to project updates which includes the latest developments about the progress of the manufacturing of the devices, as well as the ExoLover blockchain platform developments and improvements.
Members of the Exo Lovers Club will have the opportunity to access information relating to the general principles of synergy between devices and the platform. Club members will also be among the first to get the chance to become official testers for devices and platform potentially.
The ExoLover desktop and mobile platforms will exhibit a collection of intriguing features such as the ability to remotely engage in sexual experiences which feel like the real thing. Also, members of the platform will be able to make immediate and cheap transactions using EXO tokens to gain access to a wide range of restricted content offered by partner providers and also the connection with other users of ExoLover devices for the possibility of indulging in entirely captivating sexual experiences.
The ExoLover community will not have to worry about the safety of their values and privacy because of the superior blockchain-based security. This security provides entertainment with other users in total privacy due to the anonymity offered on the platform and which is made possible by blockchain technology. This ability to keep personal data safe and private is one of the most attractive features of the ExoLover concept, as people will be free to truly engage in fulfilling sexual experiences without having to worry about data protection or security of transaction vulnerabilities.

Roadmap for ExoLover Platform and Device Development

The ExoLover team are looking to have completed several projects like finalizing the concept of the mobile application and ensuring that development is definite by the end of the year. Their focus will also be on the further development of the platform’s functionality and the design of the custom Bluetooth controller and other components that will be critical to the successful operation of their different devices such as the ExoWand, ExoThrust, and ExoTouch, and so on.

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