Ex-Girlfriend Manipulatively Made Away With $1.6 Million Worth Of Bitcoins

Relationships can go wrong and the anger/disappointment that is sometimes accompanied could make a person do just about anything. Social media may have become the platform to blow off some steam in such cases which can be likened to that of a cryptocurrency trader, Philakone who exposed the identity of his ex-girlfriend on Twitter. According to him, she used him for his money, left his heart broken, and now he is unhappy even with his millions.

Cryptocurrency Trader Confides in Thousands of Twitter Users

Philakone, a cryptocurrency trader with 108,000 Twitter followers who rely on his trading skills had an emotional breakdown. The crypto investor who could not contain himself claimed that his ex-girlfriend had only used him for his money and then left him.
Although the tweets linking his conversation with his followers has been deleted, a media outlet was able to get a screenshot before its removal. The details of the images show that what began as a confidential message to his followers escalated into serious issues that could pose security concerns.

Trader Claims Ex-Partner Made Away With $1.6 Million

Based on the screenshots, Philakone had first confided in his follower about his recent breakup and how his ex-girlfriend, SarahJo925 may be holding down to $1.6 million. SarahJo925, however, responded and said she didn’t steal from him, but he had chosen to liquidate himself of his own accord. She further supplied a screenshot of their previous messages as a piece of evidence.

Asides, making the identity of his former partner publicly known, he also included her full name, phone number and house address in the next tweets. One of his tweets read: Msg me!”, something that’s usually done when someone wants to use the “service” of a hitman. Another tweet also exposed the email and phone number of SarahJo925.

Ex-Girlfriend Retaliates

SarahJo925 who was following his messages also released an image of him which displayed his phone number. And on and on the drama went. Whether he finally sobered up and realized what he was doing, the trader apologized to his fans and said he felt everyone had given up on him.

Philakone also told his fans that money cannot make anyone happy, but love and always staying to true to oneself. He also stated that even though he has made millions from trading cryptocurrencies for the past two years, his money could not make him happy. A later tweet showed that he has purchased a Rolex watch as proof that he may have the money to spend, but it didn’t give him any joy.

Someone else must have been enjoying the show, given that they created a fake account an pretended to be Sarah. They also made a series of statements that could fuel the anger of both parties.

Despite this, some people who had to go through the ordeal of watching the drama unfold encouraged him while others rebuked his actions.