Ex-Employee Calls Bluff on TRON’s Blockchain Scalability Claims

TRON has now taken time to address the recent claim by a former employee, Simon Morris, questioning TRON’s acclaimed blockchain scalability.

Hasty Takeover?

TRON has barely survived a week after buying a popular torrent network, BitTorrent before coming under the suspicious light of the media. The blockchain company’s plan to tokenize BitTorrent network and introduce BitTorrent tokens is already being mired in controversy even before it has taken off, and the trouble lies in the mouth of a former employee, Simon Morris, who just got laid off from the company. Morris, who had been present in BitTorrent and serving as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) parted ways with TRON just a week after the takeover.
Morris would afterwards go on to reveal some shocking details regarding TRON and the blockchain as a whole. While a significant number of critics have raised their eyebrows to TRON’s scalability claims in the past, they have only been speculations. Morris, however, is confirming some people’s suspicions: whether out of disgruntlement or concern we just might never know.
The former employee slammed TRON for focusing more on ‘marketing’ than technology and has labelled the company of lying with performance numbers.

“It was very clear when I was [at BitTorrent] that there was no way the transaction capacity of Tron would [work]. The transactional capacity we [were] looking at was needing hundreds of transactions a second just to get started. It’s simply not there. You hear all the bullshit out there, oh, this does 10,000 transactions a second. It’s all crap. We were going to melt Tron. Literally destroy it.”

Comparing TRON to the current US President, Donald Trump, he claimed the company had adopted an approach of lying and ‘double-down-lying’ to cover their tracks. Morris also aired his belief that rather than strain its network, TRON would be managing the huge volume of BTT on a central server instead, while claiming it was on the blockchain. A buzzword such as ‘Lightening network’ would suffice, with a faster speed of more than 40 per cent at the expense of reliability.

TRON Replies

TRON has given an official reply to Simon Morris claims on their twitter account, in what some Reddit users see a ‘flowery-designed-no-answer.’ While they acknowledge Morris prediction that the network would be 40 per cent faster (as the only true thing he said), they, however, are working on a blockchain approach based on a ‘on-chain/off-chain exchange’ which would facilitate a transfer of tokens between a high performance private ledger and the public TRON blockchain.

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