On Monday, Feb 5. during the European Parliament meeting European Central Bank President Mario Draghi spoke of the possibility that European Banks may hold Bitcoin in the Future.

After the recent launch of Futures Contracts on the CME, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have started to gain a lot of notice around the world, especially by major Banks who are starting to block cryptocurrency transactions. As cryptocurrencies push their way into the mainstream of finance; more Banks and financial institutions are beginning to take more consideration of the fact that this may actually become the currency of the future.

In the meeting, Draghi stated:

“However, recent developments, such as the listing of Bitcoin futures contracts by US exchanges, could lead European banks too to hold positions in Bitcoin, and therefore we will certainly look at that.”

Although many are still unsure of how, or if regulations could be applied to Bitcoin, many are still beginning to jump on board with the idea of a more ‘supervisory’ role, rather than a regulatory.