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Ethereum’s Buterin Highlights Layer-Two Rollups as Potential Scaling Solution

As questions circle about the network’s capacities following surging transaction costs and accelerating activity in the decentralized finance (defi) arena, Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin opines that layer-2 solutions could help the network scale by a factor of 100x in mere months to meet growing demand.
Sidechain Bundling Touted as Workaround to Current Network Congestion
Ethereum has passed many milestones over the last 12-months and can be credited as the protocol responsible for popularizing the defi revolution thanks to its smart contract capabilities. Yet, as demand for the network’s service concurrently spiked, it created new headaches for users as surging gas costs made it much more expensive to transact.
These developments have coincided with the ongoing ETH2 rollout, which effectively upgrades the original infrastructure to support better performance through improved scalability, increased efficiency, and higher transaction throughput. However, recent activity has clogged network performance, sparking debates about the best methods to fix these problems.
In a recent interview on the Tim Ferriss Show with Naval Ravikant, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s 27-year old cofounder, discussed how one answer to this congestion lies in layer-two scaling solutions that could be implemented in a matter of months. According to Buterin, rollups such as ZKS might play a key role in reducing network costs and amplifying performance.

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