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Ethereum Developers Decide To Delay Implementing ASIC-Resistant PoW Algorithm Until Third Party Audit

The core developers of Ethereum have decided to postpone the implementation of Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)-resistant Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm ProgPoW until a third-party audit of the algorithm is done. This decision was reached in their meeting held on Feb 1, 2018.

Decision To Delay Implementing ASIC-Resistant PoW Algorithm

According to the meeting by Ethereum core developers on the 1st of February, they have agreed to postpone the implementation of the Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)-resistant proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm, ProgPoW. One of the core developers, Hudson Jameson, noted in the meeting that there is a group forming or multiple groups, to perform an independent audit on ProgPoW. He noted that the audit is an attempt to establish how effective the algorithm would be in leveling the playing field for different kinds of hardware used to mine cryptocurrencies, which includes GPUs, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays and ASICs.

Further, Jameson stated that the data derived from such an audit should grant developers enough confidence to make decisions. Though the audit is needed before the implementation of the ASIC-Resistant PoW Algorithm, he noted that there is no specific timeline for the completion of the audit. However, he stated that he expects it to see completion by March or early April.

Reaching A Consensus On The Delay

The core developers had to debate on the need for the delay before the implementation. One of the developers, Martin Holst Swende stated that they have been trying to decide about ProgPoW implementation for some months now and he wonders when and how it will be resolved.

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Another developer, Greg Colvin responded that it could only be resolved by reaching the right conclusion and decision. After much debate on the issues, the overall consensus still favors third-party audit before Implementing ASIC-Resistant PoW Algorithm.

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Colvin later stated that though he would happily decide today, he is not an expert. Thus, he said he is happy to wait for the audit, but he is not happy to wait till May or thereabout. He further stated that an awful lot of people would like to know so that they can get on with their business.

Furthermore, the group of developers also discussed obtaining feedback ProgPoW implementation from the community, with a special focus on the miners signalling. This process is noted to entail miners embedding data on the chain which indicates their views.

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