Ethereum Classic Labs Announces Studio – a Comprehensive Program to Launch New Projects on Ethereum Classic

ETC Labs Studio Provides Technical and Global Marketing Expertise to Create and Launch New Projects and Crowdsales

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#EthereumClassic–Ethereum Classic Labs today unveiled Studio, a program to support the launch of new projects and use cases on Ethereum Classic. The timely program provides technical expertise to build and deploy decentralized applications (dapps) and crowdsales, guidance on project launch and marketing promotions for startups and businesses seeking to deploy on a public, proof of work (PoW) blockchain and to raise capital. The new program is geared to help companies realize the true benefits of Ethereum Classic with low transaction fees, high level of security and a proven and stable blockchain.

“We are excited to provide our technical and marketing experts to the growing community of developers and entrepreneurs building on Ethereum Classic,” said Terry Culver, CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs. “With the dedicated developers in our Core group along with our funding and mentorship programs in our Accelerate group, Studio brings it all together to continue to mature the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.”

Ethereum Classic, using the same code-base as its sibling blockchain Ethereum, is quickly growing its community, functionality and compatibility along with interoperability with Ethereum. Ethereum Classic provides low transaction fees, high security and tremendous stability for launching new projects. With a current market cap of approximately $680 million, ETC continues to be among the top cryptocurrencies and is attracting a growing community of developers building dapps. ETC Labs Studio will now support companies that seek technical and marketing expertise for new projects and crowdsale.

Ethereum Classic Labs Core

ETC Labs Core has dedicated resources for advancing the scale, security and functionality of the core Ethereum Classic blockchain along with building developer deployment and configuration tools to make it easier and faster to create truly decentralized, P2P applications. With Studio, ETC Labs has extended that expertise to companies building new projects and performing crowdsales.

Ethereum Classic Labs Accelerate

ETC Labs Accelerate has assisted many companies in growing their business and providing go-to-market services. With Marketing teams in the U.S. and across Asia, the group combines experience and partnerships to define, position and amplify new projects on Ethereum Classic. The global team will work with companies to design and develop Marketing and PR strategies, tap specialized media partners in Asia, provide outreach to marketing channels in Asia and across the globe.


The Ethereum Classic Labs Studio program is available immediately for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies looking at creating new projects and performing crowdsales to grow their business.

About ETC Labs

Ethereum Classic Labs’ mission is to advance the development, utilization and adoption of the Ethereum Classic community, core technology and ecosystem through ETC Labs Core and ETC Labs Accelerate. Supported by a core development team to create development tools, interoperability functionality and technology resources, ETC Labs Core provides blockchain developers the resources necessary to build socially impactful, decentralized applications that are vital to the traditional community core values. ETC Labs Accelerate is dedicated to providing financial assistance and mentorship programs to advance the creation, growth and proliferation of Ethereum Classic solutions. Interested parties can visit or can follow via Twitter @etclabs.


Darin Kotalik

ETC Labs

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