Estonians Now Able To Trade Ripple's XRPs For Euros On XRP United

The first Ripple XRP based cryptocurrency exchange has been launched on the 23rd of October in Estonia. XRP United as named is aimed at increasing the reach and the use case of cryptocurrencies as it offers three trading pairs at the moment.

The First XRP Based Cryptocurrency

The launch of XRP United, the first XRP based crypto exchange was announced on the 23rd of October by BankXRP, an outstanding XRP community member.
At the moment the trading pairs available on the platform are BTC/XRP, ETH/XRP, and BCH/XRP. Meanwhile, XMR/XRP is expected to be added soon as work is ongoing to integrate the XMR Monero wallet into the platform. The exchange is established and regulated in Estonia which has one of the best crypto regulations in the world.
The team behind the exchange is noted as a small international team, and a company that is based in Estonia, also a registered and licensed firm under the jurisdiction. Also, the firm said that the only fiat that is operated at the moment is Euro, but plans are underway to expand its scope, while it is starting with the small amounts of XRP pairs as things grow it from here.
Equally, the major goal of the exchange is the expansion of digital assets; this is expected to be fulfilled at the medium, large and institutional levels.
The platform is still at its emerging stage, with a test channel already dedicated to new users of the platform to familiarize with the platform. Meanwhile, the platform has been receiving positive feedback from the users after its launch. A user named Kpuff noted that “I did not know this was your exchange. It looks great, very professional. I am in the USA so if at any point I can use this exchange I will. Excellent work.”

Increase Of Ripple’s Use

Ripple XRP, a blockchain project that is dedicated to facilitating the way money is transferred and payments made across borders easily has seen an extensive growth of recent. This is has been evident in its partnership with many top banks in India, USA, and the Middle East. Also, it’s listing by exchanges, use by Nexo loan provider as collateral, used with Wirex payment, and recent addition to wallet and card app.
Further, its regulatory structure and the recent news of adoption by the White House in a geopolitical battle against Chinese BTC mining centralization indicates the growth that could trail the cryptocurrency in months time.

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