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Elon Musk Shows Support For DeFi Amid Ongoing Industry Criticism

If there’s one thing Elon Musk is consistently doing, it’s expressing his views on anything from rockets, spacecraft, art, and cryptocurrencies. When it comes to the latter, Musk seems to have a lot to say, casually and mordantly.

This was the case with Musk and the Twitter-DeFi community, whom he may have just stood up for when he decided to speak up about DeFi amid several berating takes flying around. It happens that the Billionaire may have come across some of these tweets, (not impossible, as Musk seems to spend a decent amount of his time on Twitter) which may have caused him to say “Don’t defy DeFi” in one of his most recent tweets, perhaps in response to the critics.

Don’t defy DeFi— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 25, 2021Quickly, Cryptocurrency personalities flooded his post, asking him a series of questions concerning DeFi. Although he is yet to respond to any of these comments, the questions are very valid regardless. Founder of the Tron network, Justin Sun asked the Billionaire if he could include DeFi tokens to its electric vehicle platform.

“Can you have Defi on Tesla? For example, you can drive and earn TESLA tokens. The more you drive the more you earn!” He asked. Even though the comment may have been lost between thousands, the idea seems like a creative way to diversify both networks. Getting Tesla tokens for driving could make users of the vehicles more excited about the rewards they could simply get …
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