Elon Musk Imposters Use Sophisticated Strategy On Victims

Fraudsters of Elon Musk have developed a more sophisticated strategy to defraud its victims, moving from using twitter profile and link to defraud unsuspecting victims, these scammers switched to using an Ether address.
These criminals created a website, that had a fake Ethereum transaction log on it, after the victim purchases the minimum amount required by the scammer and sends it away, they will never receive the payout.

Too Good to be True

For now, the site is no longer existent as it likely ICANN’s rules got enforced.
Last month, a paid advertisement on twitter showed a verified account with twitter handle “@patheuk” tweeting out a fake cryptocurrency giveaway scam, the account which is the official account of a UK-based film studio Pathe UK claimed to be Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.
The scammer replicated the profile image and name of Elon Musk, releasing the giveaway scam as a promoted advertisement on Twitter. The promoted advertisement received 0.4BTC, worth nearly $3,000, even though twitter successfully eliminated fake scam giveaways through improvements in its algorithm after several complaints.
Later the company after regaining control of the account, released an announcement, clarifying that the account of the company was hacked.
The fraudulent site possessed no outgoing transactions, and there are strong indications that there was no actual incoming Ethereum. Even though three transactions met the minimum requirements, the criminals made a short blog post on Medium complete with fake comments; two commenters had claimed to have received as much as 30 Eth and 20 Eth although there were no deposits of that size. These fake claims had contradicted the “Verification” method required in the scam’s mechanics.
Cryptocurrency experts advise crypto users to be smart with their tokens and to avoid anything that says “Elon Musk” and “Free Cryptocurrency” and they should rely only on reputable news sources for the right information.

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