Monday, June 24, 2019

Elon Musk Gets Baited Into Crypto Twitter’s Bitcoin Battle

Bitcoin which surged from $4,150 to $5,000 in a single day seems to have lost people’s interest in the subject. This time around, it’s a case between Craig Wright vs. Hodlonaut (the people) that is the bone of contention. Even Elon Musk, PayPal’s co-founder has smartly untangled himself from the trouble that is brewing.

Twitter User Gets Elon Musk to Respond

The Satoshi-infused battle has been ongoing for some days now, and Elon Musk has been quiet about it. That is, until a Twitter user, King Cobie baited him into responding and to probably start another controversy of their own. According to the user, Elon Musk is not Satoshi Nakamoto and as such, the Tech Billionaire could go ahead and sue him as well.

Musk who responded, said cryptocurrency is his safe word.

The latter could be translated to the Musk’s show of support to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole. Nevertheless, it is also Musk who stated in February that the only Bitcoin he has is 0.25 BTC ($1284) and it was given to him by a friend years ago.

Controversy Over Craig Wright’s Claim of Satoshi’s Identity

That aside, the debate on Twitter began when Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist claimed he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Even though there’s no award being given for the title, Wright has actually been trying to make people believe he is Bitcoin’s creator. However, findings reveal he had appended a post from 2008 in order to give people an impression he had been working on Bitcoin’s Whitepaper as at that time.

The crypto community on Twitter began a campaign #CraigWrightIsAFraud which was allegedly led by Hodlonaut. The latter has or had (given that his account has now been disabled) a good number of followers and even began the lightning network trend which has given him/her some level of popularity. Wright, on the other hand, is suing Hodlonaut for purportedly beginning the campaign and also making defamatory statements against him.

Craig Wright Offers $5,000 Worth of BSV as Reward

Wright is also offering $5,000 worth of Bitcoin SV (BSV) to whoever can reveal the identity of Hodlonaut. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency community did not take his actions very lightly and another campaign began. Even though Hodlonauts account has been disabled, many people have changed their names to the user claiming that they are Hodlonaut.

It is also worthy to note that Changpeng Zhao, Binance‘s CEO while making comments about the recent event, outrightly stated that “Craig Wright is not Satoshi”. The CEO has also threatened to delist Bitcoin SV if the issue continues. However, many are still uncertain if he will carry on with his threat.

On the other hand, a crowdfunding campaign is being held to help Hodlonaut raise funds which will help him to cover legal fees while defending himself in court. Reportedly, over $30,000 has already been raised in that regard.

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