Monday, February 24, 2020

EliPay Drives Cryptocurrency Adoption In Slovenia And Croatia

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Crypto adoption in Slovenia and Croatia has seen a new dimension of growth with the aid of Elipay. The numbers of stores that accept Cryptocurrencies in the two countries have increased, with Elipay’s integration by 300 stores in Slovenia and its expansion into Croatia.

Cryptocurrency Adoption Grows In Slovenia

Many stores at one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in Europe, Bitcoin city, have integrated Elipay. Elipay is a crypto payment mobile app for iOS and Android devices, developed by startup, Eligma. It currently supports BCH, BTC, ETH, and ELI token.

Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic noted that the firm reached a new milestone this week, in 300 locations, with one-third of the locations in Bitcoin city. He described the Bitcoin City as “the result of infusing one of Central Europe’s largest and most important commercial, shopping and logistic areas,” with cryptocurrencies and other innovations.

Further, Roljic stated that the number of Elipay locations is constantly increasing. He explained that Elipay now covers most service and product categories: food and drinks, fashion, electronics, services, sports and leisure, entertainment, home and garden, toys and kids, pets, auto and moto, travel, adult, online stores, and other.”

The latest addition announced on the 5th of April was for Intaxi. This allows taxi rides in and around the capital city to be paid for with cryptocurrencies. Roljic also revealed that in addition to the use of crypto for shopping with the Elipay system, the Bank of Slovenia has also approved euro value to be added into Elipay by means of credit/debit cards and SEPA.

Croatia Not Left Behind

The firm behind Elipay, Eligma, has been working on its expansion to other parts of the world in recent time. The firm tweeted on April 1 that Croatian National Bank has confirmed that Elipay can legally operate in Croatia.

Roljic explained that after the central bank of Croatia confirmed the legality of Elipay operating in the country, the localization of the system started taking place. Also, the firm has been in contact with ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning software] providers as well as individual merchants and service providers, so that the first integrations can be expected as early as next month, Roljic added. The firm targets the integration of Elipay in over 200 locations by the end of the year.

Also, Billy, a major ERP and prospective payment system (PPS) provider in Croatia, is in the process of integrating Elipay into its system. The increase of crypto adoption is a big boost to cryptocurrency, as the bull run starts.

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