Electron Cash Now Offers Services By Using Nokia-Style Feature Phones

Cryptocurrency transactions are now made easier as Electron Cash Development Team, funded by cryptocurrency media outlet and blockchain company Coingeek, announced its new feature that allows access on bitcoin cash wallets through using Electron Cash on Nokia-style feature phones.

Last February, Coingeek was reported to initially fund the Electron Cash Team who created one of the first wallets supporting bitcoin cash (BCH) protocol with the amount of $300,000 per year. As the time goes by, the result of their investments have finally been halfway there as Electron Cash Development Team made a stunning launch of the newest Electron Cash through using feature phones like Nokia 216.

According to the article made by Coingeek, the Electron Cash team leading through feature phones was made possible by releasing Java Micro-Edition of the wallet (J2ME) which allows access of bitcoin wallets by popular and less sophisticated Nokia phones.

“On July 29th, Electron Cash published a new wallet: The ‘J2ME’ version of Electron Cash. J2ME stands for Java MicroEdition,” Electron CAsh stated in their launch.

As stated by Coingeek, Electron Cash is a light wallet made for bitcoin cash that has cold and hot wallet hybrid which restricts online access on wallets. Therefore, the processes are made exclusively on offline services, making it safer from third-party conflicts online.

Jonald Fyookball, Electron Cash lead developer, told Coingeek that with the launching of this program, more benefits from the users will definitely appear as their services are now available on necessity gadget like cellphone.

“With Electron Cash for J2ME, now users who only have access to basic ‘feature phones’ such as the Nokia 216 will still have access to a real Bitcoin Cash SPV wallet, with all the benefits that come with it, including controlling their own private keys and being able to restore their wallet from a mnemonic seed phrase,” Fyookball wrote to CoinGeek.

1.3 Billion of Users May Now Use Electron Cash

According to research, over 1.3 billion of population from Asian countries to African countries were currently using feature phones like Nokia 216. With this, availability of using Electron Cash will be made easier as these countries can now avail this service from the bitcoin wallet.  Also, the idea of having cryptos such as bitcoin would be made more welcoming due to the convenience Electron Cash offers on its system.

Although a lot were not properly convinced with this trial, success of this feature may lead to more crypto-users all over the world that will certainly benefit the industry of cryptocurrency soon in time.




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