Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Ebang’s New Efficient Bitcoin Miners Already Outperforming Bitmain

Ebang communication’s products might outperform Bitmain’s soon as they reveal a new generation of bitcoin miners boasting numbers in product excellence and energy efficiency.

Ebang Communication, based in China is one of the biggest manufacturers of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips, in the world. ASIC chips which are used explicitly in bitcoin miners have been in the forefront of production lines for a while now as producing companies strive to increase efficiency and also compatibility.

The newly upgraded products, Ebit Miner E11, E11+, and E11++, would be made available for preorder in the coming weeks according to an announcement made by the company at Georgia World Digital Mining Summit.

Using efficient nanotechnology just like in the previous series, the new E11 series is even more efficient with an outstanding performance usurping the previous E10, even though both use the 10nm chip.

Outlining the new series upgraded attributes on Twitter, Samson Mow, Blockstream CSO shared the product’s flyer. With the Ebit Miner achieving a bitcoin consumption as low as 45J/TH at 44TH/s, the products beat the popular Antminer by 4J/TH. The lower-end E11 bases model also boasts an hashrate of 30TH/s at 65J/TH.

Mow compared the two here, as he announced on Twitter:

“Ebang has just announced their next gen miners, the E11 series with 10nm chips up to efficiencies of 45J/TH. That’s for the entire miner at the wall, not the chip. Ebang has maxed out gains for the 10nm process node, and it far exceeds Bitmain’s 7nm stats. “

Bitmain Losing to Ebang?

Bitmain’s miners are the most popular across the world, with the company itself claiming a whopping market share of 70 percent. The company which is also located in China had earlier announced their most recent breakthrough, Jihan Wu, Bitmain’s CEO announcing the firm’s new impressive upgrade of 7nm chips in its next generation of mining rigs.

While the firm’s 7nm chip miners are smaller than Ebang’s 10nm, it’s maximum power efficiency is 41J/TH which is still significantly smaller than the stats Ebang’s E11 series claim to post.

It is yet to be seen though, if the Ebang’s numbers are through. If they are; it would be interesting to see how Bitmain’s 70 percent market share holds on.

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