Early Bitcoin Developer Jeff Garzik Guesses Who Invented Bitcoin

One of the very first to delve into the Blockchain and cryptocurrency world as part of the initial developers, Jeff Garzik, has given a guess as to the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the person who pioneered the Bitcoin and released its white paper. The lead developer at BitPay admits even he doesn’t know who created the most popular cryptocurrency but is willing to take a guess he thinks would be accurate.

The Probable Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

While speaking during a recent interview with Bloomberg, Garzik made his guess as to who created Bitcoin. He doesn’t go with the general belief that Satoshi Nakamoto is either Nick Szabo, Adam Back and/or a team of persons in active relations with either or both of these people. The crypto world, up till today, is still searching for the one missing but essential factor in the digital currency world; its creator. If the identity of the person/persons is discovered, it might have an adverse impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem, but it doesn’t pose consequential to Bitcoin enthusiasts as the search is still on.
A few number of people have the assumption that Australian outlier, Craig S. Wright who is leading the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision hard fork in less than a week, is Satoshi Nakamoto. The upcoming fork has since strained the relationship between Craig Wight and evangelist Roger Ver, an early Bitcoin investor and a key Bitcoin supporter. The Bitcoin venture capitalist, Ver, stated that even if Wright actually is Satoshi Nakamoto, the revelation would do nothing to strengthen their already strained relationship.

Is Dave Kleiman the Originator of Bitcoin?

Jeff Garzik exclusively revealed to Bloomberg that he believes and has concluded that Dave Kleiman, a native of Florida who died in 2013 and whose estate is engaged in a lawsuit with Craig S. Wright is the creator of Bitcoin. Wright had worked alongside Kleiman, and at the time the lawsuit was filed, it was believed that Kleiman and Wright allegedly acquired the coins by mining them via W&K Info Defense Research LLC. Although Kleiman’s estate claimed that he was either the sole owner or held it as a partner with Wright, there was dispute on the ownership structure of W&K. Either way, they claim that Wright stole a minimum of 550,000 BTC, or 1.1 million if Kleiman owned W&K.
Garzik stated that the clues lead to a conclusion that Kleiman is Satoshi. The fact that Kleiman was a self-taught coder at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office further corroborates this fact. Garzik also said that the person who coded Bitcoin wasn’t characteristically trained as a software engineer but was very smart. The coding style is at par with someone who learned to code by himself/herself.
Craig Wright has made claims about Kleiman helping him to create Bitcoin. He, however, did not make this claim until after Kleiman passed away. In terms of evidence about who Satoshi Nakamoto is, the resulting answers given leads to Kleiman as the Bitcoin inventor. The anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto is partly due to reasons arising from when at Bitcoin’s early stage, the American CIA wanted to have a talk with him.
Experts think Satoshi was perceptive of the fact that the authorities would have told him to potentially shut down Bitcoin as a digital currency prospect and disappeared into thin air.

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