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Domestic and Foreign Buyers Acquired a ‘Tokenized’ Apartment in a Spanish City by Paying With Ethereum

National and foreign buyers acquired a “tokenized” apartment in Spain with ethereum, which involved a domestic crypto exchange and a real estate investment firm. The city of Sevilla was the scenario for the crypto deal between the parties.
Transaction Was Worth Over $64,000
According to El Correo Web, the Spanish crypto exchange Criptan and the investment firm Rental IT arranged the transaction of the property, tokenized by the real estate company.
The media outlet specified the tokenization — split into several tokens and digitalized through a blockchain — was done to target 32 investors from Spain, Argentina, and Mexico. With the acquisition, the buyers that disbursed their funds paying with ethereum (ETH) participated in the investment starting from 100 euros ($117).
Afterward, Rental IT exchanged the cryptos into fiat (euros) and then purchased the property from the owner. The transaction was reportedly worth 54,773 euros ($64,430), said El Correo Web. Jorge Soriano, the cofounder of Criptan, commented on the transaction:
It is the start for small savers to access a sector that until now has been difficult to access if it was not in your own country and eliminate excess bureaucracy. In addition to confirming the total security that exists behind these transactions through blockchain technology.
In the same line, Eric Sánchez, Rental IT’s CEO, believes such transactions pave the way for other brokers to sell real estate and other goods via crypto. Moreover, he forecasts that in ten years, the real estate sector could shift towards such adoption.

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