DIFX: Fully Insured Cross-Asset Trading Platform

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It goes without saying that the advent of blockchain technology has had a disruptive effect on traditional finance (among other industries), with a further impact yet to come.
Its ingenuity lies within simplicity and efficiency, tackling some of the broader issues of existing solutions. However, that’s not to say that the nascent industry doesn’t have challenges of its own.
Many of the existing cryptocurrency solutions also suffer from slower payment remittance, certain inefficiencies when it comes to cross-border payments, high transaction fees, and so forth. All of the above call for solutions that would enable a P2P exchange of crypto and fiat while also garnering the benefits that are left on the table.
DIFX was created as a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange aimed at tackling some of the most pressing issues that a lot of competitors currently face.
What is DIFX?
DIFX is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange that’s working on a hybrid model of both centralized and decentralized exchange, incorporating atomic swaps powered by blockchain technology.
It aims to deliver a platform that caters to both beginner and advanced traders, institutions, and investors, boasting a user-friendly interface taking advantage of the better of both the centralized and decentralized world.
Leveraging distributed ledger technology, DIFX aims to make the remittance services accessible while also adding value for more customers. It also aims to reduce settlement time and improve efficiency.
With this said, some of the challenges that it aims to tackle include, but are not limited …
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