Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Did A Physical Bitcoin Just Sell For $99k On eBay?

As at the time of reporting, the listing on eBay had closed. This could be because the seller got a buyer or he decided to keep it after all.

On June 30, 2019, an eBay seller by the name alpine_puppy offered to sell a physical bitcoin on the platform. Alpine_puppy seems to be a credible seller on eBay as he’s got a lot of positive reviews in the past. Alpine_puppy offered the bitcoin for cryptocurrency, fiat, or a piece of real estate.

This “precious collectable” happens to be a Casascius Bitcoin loaded with 1 bitcoin. The seller claimed the bitcoin is still sealed and thus not redeemed yet.

In his description, Alpine_puppy says the bitcoin is one of those released in 2011. This was the early stages of bitcoin. But he claimed to have purchased his sometime in 2012.

Seller Ends Listing; Was The Physical Bitcoin Bought?

At this point, no one knows what happened to the bitcoin as the seller claims the bitcoin is no longer available. But whoever bought the Graded ANACS MS65 Mint Bitcoin must be a lover of collectables.

We are also not sure if the buyer purchased using cash, cryptocurrencies, or a piece of real estate. But the listing lasted about 7 days before it ended.

A Possible Sell Out

There’s a possibility the bitcoin sold out. On July 6, Cointelegraph, one of the industry’s go-to source for crypto news reported the news. This was also picked by other top cryptocurrency media platforms. The seller got some free advertising, exposing the deal to potential buyers. But the question would be, who would have bought the coin and for what reason?

Whoever it was must be a bitcoin believer. Hoping someday, the coin will be worth way more than $99k.

Will The Digital Bitcoin Ever Sell For $99k?

Many analysts believe bitcoin (BTC) will be worth a whole lot someday. Some forecasts a few thousands while others think it’ll be worth millions. At this point, the highest a bitcoin sold for was about $20k sometime during the 2017 hype.

Arthur Hayes is the CEO of BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange. He once predicted bitcoin to hit $50,000. Also, another crypto enthusiast, Tim Draper expects bitcoin at $250,000 someday. But time will reveal if bitcoin will hit these predicted levels or not.

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