DexMex: The First Decentralized Exchange Based on Uniswap

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DexMex is a decentralized exchange based on Uniswap to offer peer-to-peer leverage trading on any ERC-20 token.
While decentralized exchanges hit about 50 billion every month in trading volume, leverage and short trading are pretty underdeveloped. Similarly, leverage trading is not popular in decentralized exchanges – instead, it has its rooting in centralized exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, Huobi, OKEx, and so forth.
DexMex is a decentralized exchange that allows traders to go long or short of any ERC20 token just as they like. The exchange goes to greater lengths to solve the major challenges facing centralized exchanges, including compromised privacy plus subjection to various laws and external regulations.
It allows users to seamlessly open long or short positions with leverage for any token on Uniswap. The exchange is based on the Ethereum network and can support instant withdrawals and deposits.
How is DexMex Different from Other Decentralized Platforms?
DexMex is a decentralized exchange that offers leverage trading in a peer-to-peer format. It debuts an entirely new concept of decentralized exchange in the crypto space by integrating peer-to-peer trading with leverage.
The exchange rewards users directly with the value of long positions. Since it’s P2P leverage trading, the winning positions are rewarded by the losing positions in an automated and direct way.
This is achieved by implementing a ratio between the short interest of a token and the long interest of the same token. Leverage is then updated every time a user withdraws his holdings or gains. Everything …
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