DevX Initiative by Concordium: Creating a Sandbox for Developers in the Rust Ecosystem

Concordium, a science-based proof-of-stake blockchain is launching the DevX Initiative to help redefine the way developers learn and interact with outfits with a mainstream support system. Designed primarily to help build the Rust programming language and its ecosystem, the DevX Initiative will seek to engage developers in the natural communities and help reignite their creativity and access to resources with which together, will help grow the Rust ecosystem. 
As a blockchain protocol that is trying to solve the quadrilemma of scalability, security, decentralization, and regulation, Concordium’s deep dive into developers engagement through the DevX Initiative will not only result in the brooding of a new hoard of smart contract builders, it will help contribute code to crates that in the end, will benefit the whole Rust Ecosystem.
The DevX Initiative will operate through a dedicated website and will provide support to developers who want to grow in the Rust ecosystem through workshops, hackathons, game jams, and meetups to help people learn Rust.
Operating Tenets of the Concordium-backed DevX Initiative
In achieving its goals for the DevX Initiative, Concordium will be bringing into the mainstream its core principles as it pertains to developer relationships. These principles are outlined below;
Treating Developers as Humans First: Understanding that developers no matter their race, geographical location, and skills amongst others are humans will help limit the undue precepts being placed on them in a bid to demand productivity. The DevX initiative will relate with developers under its umbrella as humans just like anyone …
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