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Developer To Get 3,000 XRPs For Integrating Ripple’s XRP With WooCommerce

A firm is offering a significant reward for any XRP developer that can develop a plugin that successfully integrates XRP and the WordPress’ WooCommerce. The developer will least receive a reward of 3,000 XRP Cryptocurrencies from XRPL labs.

The New Challenge

A challenge has been thrown at Ripple developers to create a plugin that will successfully integrate XRP and WooCommerce. Up for grab is the reward of over 3,000 XRPs. A tweet by Wietse Wind made this known, saying,

“WooCommerce $XRP #hackathon – Bounty: 500 XRP from me + 500 XRP from @XRPTrump + {who’s adding more XRP to the bounty!?}
Requirements in the attached image. Invite me to your Github Repo if you’re ready”.

The bounty program was launched with the reward of 1,000 XRP initially, and some members of the community have boosted it to over 3,000 XRPs over time. The value of the price is still less than a thousand dollars at the time of writing.

The requirements for participating in the contest are; open source code (Github), and using a safe server to server hooks from

The plugin that is to be developed should be stable, be secured, be user-friendly; easy flow to set up the hooks and destination XRPL account. It must also use an auto-generated destination tag per order, handle multiple smaller payment for one order (showing the remaining amount of XRP to be paid), and use the delivered amount meta field.

Also, XRPL Labs recently received funding from Ripple itself, for two to three years, to develop a decentralized exchange, a mobile wallet, and a cold crypto storage operating system, amongst other things.

XRP’s Expansion Into Payment Settlement

Ripple is widely known for its usage for settlement of cross border payments. This service has seen a partnership with many banks around the world to utilize the service. Also, the network aims at usurping the dominance of SWIFT in the remittance market using blockchain.

The recent challenge will see Ripple expanding its tentacles into another field of its usage as a means of payment. Its partnership with Ripple or integration will see the cryptocurrency available as an option to make payments on over 3.3 million websites that uses the WordPress platform globally. This will be a significant push towards a global cryptocurrency adoption.

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