Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Despite The Bear Market, Cryptocurrency Websites Have Covered More Bitcoin Stories in 2018

Despite the bear market of 2018, CryptoGlobe reports that cryptocurrency websites have covered more stories on Bitcoin. The study suggests that investors interest in this virtual asset has not dwindled, and the same can be said about these websites. In the same vein, major reports have been made about altcoins and it correlates with their trading volume.

API is Used to Crawl 65,000 Topics From 25 Websites

CryptoGlobe, a cryptocurrency website recently carried out a study using CryptoCompare’s API. Here, news from 25 websites was crawled which amounted to about 65,000 topics. The stories on being analyzed showed that Bitcoin had received a 42% coverage. Therefore, this is the most popular virtual currency that has made the headlines over the past year.

Obviously, the interest in this digital asset can be attributed to a larger cryptocurrency market from 2017 in comparison with other years. Investors are also hungry for information and that is what these platforms have sought to provide. Moreover, the price trend exhibited by Bitcoin and the regulations of the industry has kept people on their feet to know what’s next.

Altcoins Gain Popularity on Media Websites

Asides Bitcoin, altcoins have reportedly gained a wide coverage on these websites. The report adds that this coverage is in line with their market value. In their own words, the correspondence is “pretty neatly to their respective market caps,”. However, Litecoin and Tether, altcoins that were also written about did not have a lot of popularity. The data was disproportionate to their 2018 market capitalization.

Also worthy of note, is the fact that these sites are not primarily focused on technical analysis which are targeted at tech enthusiast. CryptoGlobe notes that they have now a wider coverage on topics that even new investors can grasp easily.

Trending Bitcoin Topics in 2018

A quick search on Google trend as at press time reveals a number of Bitcoin queries that are the currently rising. Notable among them are “50 cent Bitcoin”, “Bitcoin SV”, “Will Bitcoin go back up”, and “Tom Lee Bitcoin”. These made the top 4 queries on the search engine from January to December 2018.

On BTCNN, several topics ranging from the latest news about the digital asset to educational materials have been covered. In the case of the latter, you’ll find its most recent topics such as “Which Is The Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet?“, “Is Coinbase a Good Bitcoin Wallet?“, and “Can I Transfer my Bitcoins to Another Wallet?

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