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Despite Bear Market, People are Still Selling Their Homes for Bitcoin

At a time when you’d expect people to steer away from a virtual currency that has fallen over 80 percent since 2017, the reverse is the case. Meet Bitcoin and homeowners who have decided not to part ways. It may be trading around $3,400, but there are still people out there selling their homes for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and probably the most powerful. Judging from the way the majority of coins in the market rise and fall at its beck and call, you might also agree. But then, while a lot of people may not be happy about how far it has journeyed from $20,000 to $3,400 in about a year, those into real estate are probably not baiting an eyelid.

Homes Valued at Thousands of Dollars Exchanged for Bitcoin

Now, meet the following homes valued at thousands of dollars which have been put up for sale in exchange for Bitcoin.

If you’ll rather dish out $600,000 in Bitcoin for a home with a private pool, then there’s one waiting in Darwin city. At that price, you’ll roughly spend about 175 BTC based on the conversion at press time. According to the listing on the advert platform, “We are happy to accept Bitcoin or any other major cryptocurrency instead of Australian dollars for this property.”

Real Estate Property In California Offered for Bitcoin

buy real estate with bitcoins

San Fransisco, California also has something to offer and that is a real estate valued at $3.3 million. In this case, that would mean a whopping 965 BTC in coins! According to the listing, the seller will also consider payments that are made with Bitcoin or altcoins. However, certain criteria have been listed such as resolving any legal issues regarding the use of virtual currencies for such property.

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Reportedly, there’s an estate lying in wait at Hughson California, and it goes for $2.3 million. Measuring about 5,138 sq ft with four bedrooms, this property can also be purchased with Bitcoin. Also in the same region, is another 1,800 sq ft that are offered at a price of $900,000 in exchange for virtual currencies. Therefore, there’s a whole lot of options out there.

What if you want a bare piece of land to develop, is there one that can be exchanged for your Bitcoin? Definitely. Albrightsville, Pennsylvania is where you might want to look given that there is a ½ acre of land that can be exchanged for a digital currency. In the same vein, a 300-acre farm in Bouse, Arizona valued at $475,000 can be traded for your asset.

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