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DeFi Tokens Created by Antier Solutions Transcend $500M in Market Cap

PRESS RELEASE. Crypto adoption is on the crest of a wave and so is India’s Antier Solutions that has aced the business in a short span. The blockchain and cryptocurrency development company has launched tokens worth USD 500M for its customers all over the world. In an industry that values worth USD 1 Trillion, this is an encouraging achievement for one of the earliest entrants in decentralized finance development.
“We take immense pride in devoting our efforts towards the futuristic scope of decentralized finance that has had a scintillating take-off in the past 2 years. Despite an irregular sentiment curve towards the business, we never deviated from our core areas and built products that have churned explosive returns for businesses. “– as told by Shashi Pal, COO, Antier Solutions.
For Antier, crypto token development is an integral part of their center-of-excellence. The company provides full-stack support from planning, development, and listing a token on leading platforms.
“Writing complex algorithms in smart contracts and simplifying them in the form of user-centric language through whitepapers, we do it all. Furthermore, we excel in market-making services to expand the user adoption of a token in the primary markets. Besides BFSI, our Smart Contract Development Services are expanding across contemporary areas such as Gaming, Lottery and NFT asset space. “– Adds Shashi.
It is important to note that DeFi is growing by leaps and bounds reaching more than a billion USD in worth. As a result, various ‘Fortune-500’ companies have woken up to the exponential potential and …
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