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DeFi Project Spotlight: Small-Cap Lending Platform Cream Finance

Cream Finance takes some of the more popular ideas from DeFi’s lending and borrowing space one step further. 
The project lists nearly 70 different assets, LP tokens, and various derivative tokens from many popular DeFi projects. What’s more, users can lend and borrow against each token to create unique opportunities. 
Naturally, listing small-cap tokens in this manner comes with a host of risks. As many veterans in the space are painfully aware, small tokens tend to carry much more volatility. When borrowing against such volatile tokens, investors must keep a much closer eye on their loan-to-value (LTV) ratio to avoid liquidation. 
It is for this reason that many have called the project a “degen’s playground.”
Still, Cream has done well of late to merge with notable developer communities. The two major attacks the project suffered was also a testament to the strength of its underlying code. 
They have separated from an early founder who raised questions about the project’s trustworthiness. 
Governance on the platform, however, demands further attention.
The CREAM token, for instance, is tightly distributed to team members, investors, and strategic partners. It is also costly for retail investors to cast on-chain votes on the few issues that do arise. 
Re-Introducing Cream Finance
Cream Finance is a fork of Compound, one of the original lending and borrowing platforms. 
Since then, however, this particular slice of DeFi has exploded with activity. There are myriad platforms offering users lucrative interest rates on their idle assets. Centralized exchanges such …
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