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DeFi Goes Mainstream: B26 Finance Becomes Official Sponsor for the Falcons, Dubai’s Basketball Team

PRESS RELEASE. B26 Finance, the world’s first blockchain-based self-banking service, has recently been released to the world. Being a relatively new project, developed and worked on for years, but officially launched 2 weeks ago (8/03/2021), B26 Finance has seen massive growth and adoption from the DeFi and crypto communities alike, with immense potential for mainstream adoption.
Being a community and transparency-driven project, B26 Finance was created with the goal of helping common citizens become their own bank, removing encumberments and fees created by middlemen and third parties that provide little to no value when it comes to the required services.
In short, B26 Finance is leveraging the innovations created by the DeFi sector to become a worldwide self-banking service, accessible to anyone. An incredible achievement, not yet seen in the world of banking or blockchain. As Jérôme CALMETTES says:
“Banking has always evolved alongside technology, privacy and trust and it is making it possible for new types of businesses to offer a trustless banking experience with a maximum level of privacy. This is why Self-Banking is inevitably one of the future evolutions of private banking.”
Through the use of blockchain technology, the project offers a trustless banking experience based on a new kind of private account and a non-custodial wallet system. A user-friendly product that makes the use and storage of wealth seamless and completely transparent. To protect users from cryptocurrency’s known volatility the project allows users access through the popular USD stablecoin, USDC.
DeFi goes mainstream
Leveraging its …
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