Decentralized Marketplace OpenBazaar Introduces Cryptocurrency Trading

Yesterday, the popular OpenBazaar app announced in its blog that they were introducing a major update in its market: the ability of trading cryptocurrencies privately, without fees.
OpenBazaar is a decentralized platform that lets anyone sell his product without fees. This means that there is no centralized store and the market will always be online. It also uses cryptocurrencies exclusively for payments. The app features an escrow system to avoid possible theft and scams from malicious users on the platform.
With the new update announced on its blog, users will be able to trade cryptocurrencies in a decentralized, p2p way. This update was the outcome of a public survey that was posted on their blog, asking users if they should add this feature to their marketplace. The users can offer more than 44 types of cryptocurrencies to be sold in the site, and the payment must be made in one of the three cryptocurrencies accepted by the app: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Zcash. Being a p2p transaction, there are no fees collected; only the miner’s fee will be paid by the users, that is, the fee that the network collects for making the transaction.
OpenBazaar has remarked that being a decentralized network, this is not an exchange. Users also cannot put sell or buy orders. Functionality is limited to offering cryptocurrencies at actual market prices. But it has a clear advantage: the user can maintain his anonymity while selling or buying cryptocurrencies. The Openbazaar platform does not require any identification for operating in it. If you combine this with a good privacy based coin as ZCash, you can probably achieve a good grade of anonymity in transactions.
The OpenBazaar team expects that this feature will help to popularize the platform and introduce new users to their list products and use its services.

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