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Decentralized finance may be the future, but education is still lacking

Education and accessibility are crucial to make DeFi more accessible to the upcoming inflow of retail investors.
Engaging in the traditional financial markets has become less appealing to consumers and institutional investors as of late. New opportunities are plentiful, with decentralized finance getting a lot of attention. However, that new movement is not without its risks and flaws, either.For decades, consumers and institutional investors have explored the many different options presented to them in the financial world. This approach has worked out rather well, as one could even earn passive revenue on their savings account. Today, things look very different, as many banks charge negative interest rates and continue to exploit their customers.Another problem compounding the lessening appeal of centralized finance is the ongoing impediments in the industry. More specifically, banks are forced to settle lawsuits regularly, mostly due to their wrongdoing. This ranges from opening accounts for clients without their knowledge, masking products under different names while providing the same service, money laundering and so forth.Despite all of this, many people remain loyal to their banks or other financial institutions. Or that used to be the case, as decentralized finance has a lot of people interested today. Unlike traditional finance, DeFi has no exorbitant fees, unfair terms or financial exclusion. Instead, it is a movement that aims to bring financial services to everyone regardless of their current access to these products.Making DeFi more accessibleWhile it may seem as if decentralized finance is destined to disrupt …
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