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CryptX Terminal Rolls Out Smart Trading Bots

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With the recent launch of CryptX Terminal, the company’s newest crypto product, Bolkvadze spoke about the advantages of using automated trading strategies, especially now when the market is fluctuating from moment to moment. “More than ever, it’s essential to be able to follow price trends and quickly execute trades at any time of day or night.”
He also noted that the Arbitrage bot has been the most popular tool from the outset. Effectively volleying between exchanges encourages market efficiency and raises liquidity across the board.
In addition to straightforward accumulator and order chain bots, indicator bots are also configurable for more sophisticated trading strategies, such as Relative Strength, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and Combo bots that can utilize more than one strategy to maximize profits.
CryptX Terminal is a real-time cryptocurrency trading platform that lets you profit from crypto market volatility. Connect your exchanges to CryptX Terminal and let your bots trade while you sleep. New users get a one-month free professional account, with unlimited bots and trading volume.

Fun Facts about CryptX
Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, with worldwide support operations
Introduced CryptX Wallet in 2018, and Cryptal Exchange in 2020
CryptX IQ software development services offer white-label and custom blockchain and fintech solutions

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