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Cryptowisser: 30 NFT Marketplaces Dominate the Market, but More Will Come as NFTs Continue to Boom

PRESS RELEASE. Leading Crypto comparison site, Cryptowisser have just announced their NFT marketplace list. The list details the current marketplaces that NFT Artists, collectors and traders can list, sell and buy non-fungible tokens on. With the recent hype and surge in the NFT space, different NFT niches are emerging and with those niches comes the need for somewhere to sell and buy them, enter NFT marketplaces.
Market leaders emerge
According to the report, there are currently thirty active NFT marketplaces selling digital art and collectibles, from CyrptoPunks to NBA highlight reels. Current industry leaders and first off the start line OpenSea, reported over $80 million in transactions in March 2021 alone. Their strongest competitors – Rarible were neck and neck till the new year with over $25 million in transactions in March 2021.
The NBA have taken an active interest in the NFT space and partnered with Dapper labs (responsible for Cryptokitties) to capitalize on the up and coming digital sports collectible market with NBA topshots. With backing from one of the biggest sport franchises in the US, the NBA brings NFTs to more than the crypto community. A testament to the NFT future, the NBA topshots marketplace has generated over $700 million in sales already.
What creates a good marketplace?
The Cryptowisser report helps users look at holistic snapshots of the marketplaces against each other. Both buyers and sellers can instantly see the different Marketplaces’ commission, payment options, supporting blockchain(s), age of the company, user scores and NFT categories.
From an artist’s perspective, …
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