Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Residents Of Canary Wharf, London Can Now Purchase Beer Using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Cryptocurrencies

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The launch of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payment system by BrewDog Canary Wharf at the most recent of its business outlets isn’t the only good thing that will be happening to its loyal customers and the cryptocurrency community at large.

The company has in its plans, as at Oct 19th, which has been set aside as its opening date to roll out BCH wallets containing random amounts to the first 100 people with amounts ranging from £12- £100 ($16- $130).

A statement corroborating their plans, which was mentioned in a blog post revealed their painstaking efforts to try this technology payment venture. Adopting the Bitcoin Cash payment option worked with their plans to evolve their financial transacting options for their customers starting right at the heart of London’s financial docklands.

Downloading a wallet app is necessary for their loyal customers or residents of Canary Wharf to enjoy this mouthwatering offer. Also, a raffle draw will take place between Friday 19th to Sunday 21st to ensure that customers can win a wallet with preloaded amounts of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrencies to the tune of £500 ($650), as disclosed on their blog post.

This is more than exciting news by the company that is also backed up plans of more expansion, as the bar has in its plans to extend its reach beyond Canary Wharf.

“We hope to eventually roll out this way of paying into all of our UK BrewDog Bars,” it said. Also, customers will be able to purchase “20 taps of super-fresh craft beer, takeaway bottle and can option, and our loaded menu of burgers, pizza, and wings.”

BrewDog has been known to be more innovative in its financial approach for some years. The bar through its equity for punks program has raised funds in turn, giving it’s participating members discounts and special offers. They are also eligible for their annual general mayhem party.

With more and more companies adopting cryptocurrencies as part of their payment options, it’s no news that in a few years digital transactions will become a norm for businesses globally for them to survive.

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