Thursday, May 23, 2019

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KFC Fast Foods in Venezuela to Accept Dash Cryptocurrency

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Mark Mason, DashpayNews’ Director of Media & PR made a tweet yesterday revealing that the virtual currency, Dash will now be accepted in KFC restaurants in Venezuela. This means that KFC will be among over 2,400 businesses in the South American country to accept a cryptocurrency.

Dash to Be Accepted in Venezuela KFC Stores Starting Next Week

From next week, Dash can be used to buy chicken, sandwiches etc. from these restaurants. A media outlet revealed that the first restaurant that will accept the cryptocurrency who in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital. Subsequently, other KFC outlets in 24 different locations will adopt the digital asset.

Alejandro Echeverría, the co-founder of Dash, made it known that the company has been trying to ally with KFC. This is to achieve its objective of bringing about the widespread use of Dash in the country. He added that it is a great achievement for a globally recognized brand like KFC to accept the company’s digital asset.

More Merchants Adopting Dash for Payments

Based on the data retrieved from DiscoverDash, a dash merchant listing site, 2,427 merchants within the past year have been using Dash to process their payments. Echeverría said it is because the cryptocurrency is a working solution that is easy to use. As a result, more people are adopting it to make their daily transactions.

In the co-founder’s opinion, Dash is gradually being adopted not only by users but merchants as well. Food trucks are using it for payments, so are small family businesses and now, it’s the case of large businesses. Dash has been said one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in Venezuela. This is because food and department stores are accepting it.

KFC is One of the Few Stores Accepting Dash Other Instead of Bitcoin

While other offline and online stores are depending on Bitcoin to receive payments from their clients, very few like KFC are looking into other options. For instance, an Indian online bookstore, during the week began accepting Bitcoin. In the same vein, Birks group a popular jewellery store in Canada where Rolex is also sold began accepting the asset.

The same can be said about an online platform where over 1,400 restaurants in Denmark offer their services. Also notable among them, is the Australian company, Ivy which does not only accept Bitcoin, but Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin cash. This makes a development like this involving Dash an impressive one.

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