Monday, April 22, 2019

Former Star Trek Actor Tweets to Support Ethereum’s Co-founder

The crypto community was stirred up a few hours ago after the former Star Trek actor, William Shatner, made a Tweet applauding the co-founder of Ethereum network, Vitalik Buterin. Most people supported his view while others didn’t. One of such people is the Twitter user, Premine apologist, whose response was targeted at Vitalik Buterin.

Star Actor’s and Social Media Enthusiast’s Varying Opinions

There was a disparity between the opinion of the fictional Captain Kirk and that of the Twitter user. William Shatner made a thumbs-up tweet with the Russian-Canadian’s name tagged to it. To the crypto community, this seemed like he was applauding the CEO’s efforts.

Premine apologist, on the other hand, didn’t think that the programmer deserved to be encouraged. He was of the opinion that Vitalik Buterin is a scammer for not ensuring the full decentralization of the Ethereum Blockchain.

In Premine apologist’s own words;

He’s a literal scammer

Actor Responds to Tweet

While this was not the only tweet whose opinion varied greatly from that of the actor’s, it was one of the few; if not the only one to pique his interest. Therefore, the Canadian actor responded by saying that;

Then as a coder – go develop your own blockchain technology where you can be 1000% sure of decentralization. Or shove money in a mattress. I hear that’s only overseen by the bed bug community.

The Actor also had this to say in a bid to take it one step further and show that he had some knowledge when it came to Blockchain technology.

His viewpoints don’t take into account the fact that the code has to be audited by an auditing firm and approved by consortium or it doesn’t get accepted. He thinks it exists in a bubble. That’s why we have ERC-20, ERC-721… ERC-1701

This tweet is one of the few ones that have gotten the attention of users this week. Other replies were made as a joke to compare the acting industry and Blockchain Industry. Some of such replies were, ” Good to see spacemen getting involved with the future.”, “Can ETH be transmitted over subspace?”, and “Pretty sure ETH is a Klingon venereal disease.”

The Actor’s Past Interest in Cryptocurrency

While William Shatner may be a new face advocating for the crypto industry, he is not so new at all. In June this year, he became the spokesperson for Solar Alliance Energy. This is a  cryptocurrency mining facility that is powered by Solar energy. Here, the actor had referred to himself as an advocate for solar energy while speaking to the press.

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