Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Crypto Assets Become Much Safer With The New Samsung Galaxy S10

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The latest addition to the Samsung mobile category, the Samsung Galaxy S10 now features a private cryptocurrency key storage. The new phone designed with crypto investors in mind joins other crypto supporting mobile devices.

A Better Security For Cryptos With The New S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 formally launched on Wednesday has a new feature that will be more beneficial to cryptocurrency users. This is the Samsung Knox according to the world’s largest smartphone producer. Samsung noted in a press release that the Galaxy S10 is built with defence grade Samsung Knox as well as secure storage. This houses the private key of its owner for blockchain-enabled mobile services.

Other features of the Galaxy S10 is an upgraded camera system that features advanced intelligence. Also, there is a feature that enables it to charge other phones wirelessly, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage (on the base model) and some other features as noted in the press release. Other details about the Samsung Knox is yet to be released.

There had been rumours since last year that the Galaxy S10 will be crypto storage supportive, though Samsung did not officially confirm this. The latest release may not be surprising, but is a great boost for crypto enthusiasts and investors.

The One-of-its-kind Mobile With Crypto Support

The Samsung S10 is not the first crypto oriented mobile device in the world. Ahead of the S10, HTC, Taiwanese electronics maker launched the Exodus 1; crypto oriented smartphone last year. Exodus smartphone was to serve as both a mobile connecting point to the world of decentralised networks and a storage device for those who want to carry their crypto in their pocket.

Also, Sirin Labs’ Finney, launched a smartphone designed with cryptocurrency in mind. HTC EXODUS 1 can only be bought using bitcoin or ethereum cryptocurrencies, and the Finney can only be purchased using the Sirin token.

Safety First

Crypto security has been a pertinent issue in the cryptocurrency market. This includes the concern of the safety of crypto wallets, storage of private key and safety with crypto exchanges.

The prevalence hacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets have further made the situation critical. Mobile phone manufacturers creating a safer environment for cryptocurrency investors could impact the much-desired growth sooner than expected.

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