Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Bitcoin & Ethereum Now Available in 10,000 Tobacco Shops in France

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Buying of cryptocurrencies might never have been easier, after a crypto oriented company in France launched a new service that allows French residents for selling their coupons for cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the country.

The Gospel Continues

Last year has been the most trying for the cryptocurrency market after the overall crypto market valuation fell beyond the shadows it attained in 2017. The unexpected collapse has caused many to ‘lose faith’ in a future of digital currencies and made institutions more tentative concerning crypto matters—or are they?

Recent news about institutional investments, patents, and new initiatives that are being based on the crypto community continues to douse every any pessimism that might be lingering from the residue of last year’s effect.  The global crypto market cap might have dropped significantly compared to its value in 2017, but the progress of cryptocurrencies towards adoption has been anything but slowed.

Digital Service, a Toulouse based company with its new initiative which would provide casual customers to acquire cryptocurrencies at 10000 tobacconists across the whole of France, just proves digital currencies haven’t lost their charm.

Crypto Coup with Tobacco Coupons

The company announced via local French outlet, Cryptonaute that customers could now buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin, from anywhere in France in the form of coupons. The new service comes from a partnership between two companies: Digital service and Ingenico, the latter being an experienced payment service firm based in Paris.

The trend started when ‘Tabac’ shops started selling cryptocurrencies for traditional fiat cash, which rapidly became a commercial success. The positive response has seen Digycode expand its horizons by enlisting Ingenico payment firm to form a triumvirate circle that ensured the easiest way for customers to receive cryptocurrencies.

Christopher Villegas, CEO of Digital Service explained the motivation behind the new service offered by its collaboration with Ingenico.

“DIGYCODE is for anyone who does not want to leave their bank details online, buy cash, scared of scams on unrecognized platforms, eager to easily offer crypto-currencies simply,” he said.  “The product devirtualizes the crypto by making it accessible at the point of sale of proximity on a materialized support.”

To get cryptocurrencies, customers and interested users would buy any coupon worth at most 200 euros from a tobacconist and redeem them on Digycode’s official website. Once redeemed, the users’ wallet is automatically credited.

Digycode’s new service costs about 8% more than usual fees, however, because they are shared between a triumvirate circle including Digital Service, Ingenico, and the tobacconist.

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