Cryptocurrency Mining Firm Gets Bomb Threat Over Noise Pollution

A cryptocurrency mining firm in Norway is being threatened with a bomb over allegations of noise pollution in the environment. The notice of the bomb threat was received August 11 at the Dale base of their operation. A local news outlet Vakdalposten made the report of the event.

Bomb threat to crypto Mining firm due to noise pollution

Kryptovault, a crypto mining firm in Norway that operates in three cities, Follum, Honefuss, and Dale, in Norway, received a notice of bomb threat at their Dale base on the 11th of August.
The details of the threat read,

“This is sabotage. If you are expanding crypto mining and filling the country with noise, then you will be sabotaging the peace. I am threatening to send you some explosives.”

The threat, as reported by the local news outlet, has placed the security of the firm and its worker in jeopardy even though complaint of noise has been made by the neighbors previously.
The managing director of the crypto mining firm, Gjermund Hagesaeter, states that immediately the notice of threat was received, the police were notified. Gjermund in his statement said,

“The threat has been reported to the police, and these are also taking the whole issue very seriously indeed. We have also asked the police to assess whether any further action needs to be taken. The facility at Follum is located in a fenced area, so it would be difficult for an intruder to gain access but the one at Dale is far more accessible, so we have warned everyone to be on their toes.”

Cryptocurrency Mining Menace

As Kryptovault cryptocurrency mining firm is in danger and its worker has been warned to be careful. The friction between the community and the cryptocurrency mining firm is not the first, but only coming first with such level of a death threat.
Everywhere cryptocurrency mining firm is located there is usually friction between them and their host community over power consumption. The power consumed by mining cryptocurrency is estimated to be 0.5 percent of the world power generation.
The rate of power consumption creates an increase of power tariff for their host community. And this has led to the passing of moratorium on cryptocurrency mining in places like Salamanca and Pittsburgh, and ban in some other areas.
This might be a way of getting the mining firm to order as previous warnings seem to have failed. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing the firm didn’t treat the notice as levity, as the firm has taken precautions to make sure the proposed plan isn’t achieved.
For the cryptocurrency mining firms to enjoy peace and success, their issues need to be ironed out with their host communities.

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