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Cryptocurrency-Enabled Brave Web Browser Hits 20 Million Downloads

Brave Browser, a web application from Brave Software Incorporation has hit 20 million downloads on the AppBrain Android marketplace. The open source internet browser is reportedly speedier than Chrome and rewards its users with the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Therefore, people can earn while they surf their favorite pages on the net and so can publishers of these content.

Brave Browser Boasts of Being a Fast Ad Blocker

Brave Browser reputably known as a fast ad blocker has recorded 20 million downloads on AppBrain. The latter is an increment from the 10 million downloads which the application had garnered in August 2018. In May of the same year, the app was downloaded 5 million times which shows that within a few months, the adoption rate doubles. The company in September 2018 also revealed that they have 4 million monthly active users (MAUs).

Brave’s popularity can be attributed to the number of features the application boast of. Some of these include its ability to block ads on web pages as well as trackers. As a result, the page loads faster, fewer resources are loaded to the CPU, and the user’s activity and location are not tracked.

Users and Publishers Earn BAT Cryptocurrency

On the other hand, users of the app can opt-in to receive the Brave ads which in turn, enables them to earn BAT. Publishers also stand a chance of earning the virtual currency for the content they promote. In this case, visitors can donate BAT to them as the case may be. An instance is the case of  Philip DeFranco, a YouTube content creator with over 6 million subscribers. DeFranco in April 2018, signed with Brave to earn using its tokens while also promoting the Brave browser.

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Brave had its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2014 where $36 million was raised under 30 seconds. BAT, the cryptocurrency in question which is used to reward people was launched on Coinbase exchange in November 2018. Upon its launch, there was a spike in the virtual assets price, and most recently, the asset has seen a 30 percent boost in price.

Other Web Browsers Implement Cryptocurrency Feature

The Brave internet browser may have especially been designed to cater to the cryptocurrency community, but in recent times, the traditional browsers are doing the same. BTCNN reported on December 13 that Opera had launched a cryptocurrency wallet on its latest browser for Android.

On February 7, it was also revealed that Mozilla intends to add a cryptocurrency mining block feature on its browser to prevent the illegal mining of these assets. Other than developers of web browsers, smartphone makers like Samsung, HTC, and Sirin Labs have all designed blockchain-based smartphones.

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