Cryptocurrencies Can Gain A 90 Percent This 2019, Experts Analyse

Fintech experts sourced and pooled by shared their opinion on the possible trend change of the crypto market in 2019, even as the bear market keep lingering.

Why Crypto Will Rise According To These Fintech Experts

Some enthusiasts had stated the crypto bear market which has been prevalent for over a year will still linger for quite some time. Meanwhile, some enthusiasts averse from that view. A pool of experts sourced by shared their view.
One of the experts, Ben Richie, Digital Capital Management COO stated that there is going to be a bullish trend that will see the top value cryptocurrency hit $9,500 before the end of 2019. Also, he said, the crypto market might see a decoupling of altcoins from BTC this year.
Richie stated that on-ramp and off-ramp of purchasing cryptocurrencies would see improvement in the year 2019 especially due to the Bakkt and Fidelity Group entering the market. Though it will be a catalyst, he still did not see many institutional fund or investors in the crypto market this year.
Also, another expert, a bitcoin developer, Jimmy Song gave a conservative opinion that the crypto market will bull to $6,500 per BTC in 2019, and the market cap to reach of $117.2 billion. Song said that they are a more or less random number and this is hard to predict without knowing the news that comes out between now and then.
Further, Joe Raczynski, a legal technologist, and futurist stated that the top value cryptocurrency could see a bullish trend to $8,000 by December 31 of 2019. Joe notes that BTC is entering a new phase that could see institutional investors.
Joe predicted the possibility of a dramatic shift in the economy, which is noted as slightly more likely than otherwise, which could make Bitcoin become a haven for investors. He stated that he feels that the economy will start to change in 2019 and this will impact BTC positively.

Crypto Predictions and The Bear Market

The year 2018 was equally trailed with multiple crypto bullish predictions from the beginning to its end, even as the market worsened in that year. The institutional fund was also relied on in the hope of the approval of Bitcoin ETFs. However, the trend continued on its course all year long.
The recent bearish trend is considered the longest in the history of cryptocurrency and the specific reversal period is still unknown.

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