Sunday, December 15, 2019

Crypto-Revenue Brave Browser Further Improves Privacy Features

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Developers of the Brave browser have announced that they are ramping up the privacy features of its browser by introducing initial support for TOR browsing, a feature that will protect users from being tracked and maintain anonymity on the web. They made the announcement in a blog post on their webpage.

Brave browser is a new kind of browser that is classified by some as “pay to surf”. This means that the user can donate an amount of money determined by himself every time that a website is being visited. This is regarded by their team as an alternative solution to website monetization by ads, the current paradigm, that has been hit by ad centralization and also by the generalized use of ad-blocking software. In this way, every user gives what it considers necessary to support his favorite website. This feature uses the browser own cryptocurrency called BAT, short for Basic Attention Coin, that it is already being traded on some exchanges

This time, they have added initial TOR support to the new version of the browser, that is still in its early stages. TOR, short for the onion router, is a project destined to make user navigation on internet anonymous by establishing a sub-network on top of the internet to do that. This ramps up the privacy focus of the browser in this latest version. The private browser tabs default to the DuckDuckGo search engine, an engine that also centers itself in providing search results to their users without selling search info to third parties, something that giants like Google and Facebook do frequently.

While being still in its beta phase, Brave browser has gained a lot of steam mostly by its mobile version, by being focused on their new revenue business model proposal and on privacy. The new version is already available for download.


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