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Crypto News: This Week in Crypto 30/11/2020

Number of XRP Google Searches Spike to December 2017 Levels

Data from Google Trends show that search interest on XRP keywords has spiked such as seen in December 2017. The main driver of this sudden interest is the upcoming Flare Network’s airdrop, which will reward XRP token holders.

Visa is Very Interested in Cryptocurrencies, CEO Affirms

In an interview at CNBC Evolve Summit, Visa CEO Alfred Kelly Jr. openly declares Visa’s interest in cryptocurrencies. In his own words, the CEO said;

“Crypto is a developing part of payments in the world. It’s in the very nascent state right now, and we’re very interested in cryptocurrencies.”

Crypto Analyst Opines That The Bitcoin Bull Run is Just Starting

A crypto analyst on Twitter, CryptoBull, in visual analysis, indicates that the recent bitcoin rally is just starting, such as seen between 2013 to 2017.


Pizza Hut Venezuela Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies

International restaurant franchise Pizza Hut is now accepting cryptocurrency payments for items purchased at its outlets in Venezuela. The digital assets firm CryptoBuyer made this known as it says it has become the food vendor’s partner in the region.

Raoul Pal Says Almost All His Liquid Net Worth is Invested in Crypto

Raoul Pal, an ex Goldman Sachs Executive, revealed recently that almost all is liquid net worth is invested in cryptocurrencies. However, he further said 50% of his portfolio is bitcoins, and he is looking to liquidate his gold investments to buy even more bitcoins.

Bitcoin Price Finally Closes Above Previously Set All-Time High

Bitcoin price on November 30, 2020, finally breaks above the previously set all-time high during the 2017 bull run. This seems to be good news as many analysts believe the recent trend will continue with this new feat as retail investors begin to FOMO.

5045.8 BTC in Stolen Bitfinex Funds Now On The Move

5045.8 BTC worth $72 million stolen in 2016 from Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has moved from its current wallet into new wallets into 14 new unknown wallets. However, bitcoin’s recent price puts the loot at a staggering $2.3 billion.

Grayscale Investments Ramps Up Its Bitcoin Holding By 7,300 BTC

Grayscale Investment buys at least an additional 7,300 BTC to its existing cryptocurrency holdings in a recent discovery. This brings the company’s current bitcoin asset value to a little under $10 billion. The company holds some Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrencies as well.

Guggenheim Investments To Buy $0.5 Billion Worth of Bitcoins For Rich Families

GUGGENHEIM FUNDS TRUST, a division of Guggenheim Partners, a global investment and financial advisory services firm that manages money for wealthy families and institutions, plans to buy $0.5 billion worth of bitcoins.

BTC Markets Exposes Users’ Personal Data To The Public

One of Australia’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, BTC Markets, accidentally exposed over 270,000 of its users’ data. Business Insider Australia reported this. However, details revealed only included names and emails. BTC Markets immediately, via Twitter, apologized for the privacy breach.

Visa, Circle Partners To Integrate USDC Payment Capabilities On Cards

Visa, the popular financial service giant, the company, with Circle Inc, one of the companies behind the USDC stablecoins, will come together in a new partnership as reported by Forbes. Circle will be working with Visa credit card issuers to integrate the USDC software on their platforms to enable the sending and receiving of USDC payments.

Bitcoin May Hit $200K in 2021, According to Willy Woo

A famous bitcoin analyst and investor, Willy Woo, recently shared his opinion on bitcoin’s price in 2021. In his statement, he said bitcoin might move towards $200K to $300K in the coming year.

Defi App Scam: Ethereum-based App Steals $12 Million From Its Users

Unknown developers of a decentralized finance app, Compounder Finance, has reportedly scammed many of its users of $12 million. As reported, the Defi app, a yield aggregator, worked fine in its first few operation days. Suddenly, a malicious function within the pool allowed the contract owner to manipulate the pool, withdrawing all funds to his address.

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