Tuesday, June 25, 2019

“Crypto” Movie Trailer Released

One more way to foster the adoption of cryptocurrencies is to produce a movie whose storyline is tailored around the crypto space. It may be showcasing the bad side of the sector in terms of money laundering, but it’s enough to pique the interest of those who may have had little or no interest in virtual assets.

Upcoming American Movie Directed by John Stalberg Jr

Therefore, meet Crypto, an upcoming American movie that is Directed by John Stalberg Jr. and written by David Frigerio, Carlyle Eubank, and Jeffrey Ingber. Crypto focuses on the theme “Fear is the ultimate currency,” and how virtual currencies are used to launder money.

The picture depicts a young man, Beau Knapp who plays the role of Martin. The actor works as an agent who will uncover the crime in his hometown in New York. Therefore, the story forms a web of corruption, deceit, and fraud. Other actors that have made an appearance are Luke Hemsworth, Jeremie Harris, Alexis Bledel, Vincent Kartheiser, and Kurt Russell.

The Anonymity of Brought by Cryptocurrencies

As earlier stated, the story depicts the negative aspects of the crypto space. One of such is the anonymity of crypto transactions which is usually taken advantage of by criminals. In line with that, these statements were culled from the thriller, “No phone number, no email, just $10m in cryptocurrencies” and “We have a serious problem here, I’m pretty sure the Russian mafia is laundering money through the omni-brancher.”

While the Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency has not been left from the screenplay, other virtual currencies have also been featured. These are Ethereum, Stellar, NEO, and Waves. The thriller also reveals that crypto will hit movie theaters on April 12 and only selected cinemas will be able to feature it.

Kevin Connolly to Star in Crypto Show

On January 20, BTCNN also informed that Kevin Connolly, one of the star actors in 2015’s Entourage film would star in a movie also called “Crypto.” The storyline goes contrary to the current one, where in this case, it is how the decentralized nature of virtual assets will help a group of friends actualize their dream.

Connolly, at that time, had stated that the movie would introduce people to the controversial world of cryptocurrencies. He added that people are curious to know how these assets work and one of the reasons for their reluctance to invest, is because they have little knowledge about the area. Thus, the movie aims to clear some of the doubts about the industry.

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