Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Coinbase is Yet to Give Bitcoin Cash SV to Users

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Coinbase is yet to allow its users who are Bitcoin Cash holders, withdraw their BCH SV since November’s hard fork.

Split Causing Problems

Since the highly publicised Bitcoin Cash hard fork on November 15th last year, it has been reported that American cryptocurrency exchange has not permitted its Bitcoin Cash holders to make Bitcoin SV withdrawals.

The split happened in the middle of November last year, as Bitcoin Cash morphed into two tickers at war. BCH SV (Satoshi Vision), and BCH ABC are the two tickers and product of the hard fork led by conservatives such as Roger Ver and the famous Craig Wright who had earlier claimed he was the mysterious founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Exchanges have since gently taken sides since last month, with Huobi and Kraken becoming the first exchanges to do away with the cumbersome BCHABC–BCHSV tickers; unanimously granting the unified ticker BCH for the original Bitcoin Cash to BCH ABC instead.

The hashing wars are clearly not over, nor are the problems that seemed to come with the split. Like the Bitcoin hard fork that occurred in August 2017 which gave birth to Bitcoin Cash; BCH holders are in a similar way entitled to a share of Bitcoin SV too.

While most exchanges have sorted out differences that could arise and ensured their users were able to make withdrawals when Bitcoin SV was at its high of more than $200, Coinbase has been surprisingly rigid and unbending on its hold on users’ BCH SV.

A frustrated user reportedly wrote to a popular cryptocurrency news outlet, complaining of his shut-out efforts in reaching the Coinbase Support to give him his BCH SV.

Coinbase Brewing User Complaints

A number of Coinbase users are now crying out for the release of their BCH SV, with a subreddit specifically dedicated to the building issue. The frustrated user who reached out to the cryptocurrency news outlet shared his conversations, as he complains of Coinbase’s penchant for repeating the same set of excuses.

“I already read that generic update before I wrote you. Your team hasn’t updated us for 5 weeks since then. It is about time for a further update. Please provide something better than just rehashing what you already have on your website, we deserve better,“ he wrote a day before Christmas.

Coinbase has since responded, repeatedly promising ‘additional updates’ without taking a significant action addressing the problem.

Some Reddit users are currently pining for a court case demanding the withdrawals to be permitted; however, the issue is expected to be resolved soon.

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