Sunday, June 16, 2019

Crypto Art Paintings Now Auctioned In DC For Charity

Does someone order art with crypto? If you are an art lover and a crypto enthusiast, at the same time — this will definitely blow your mind.

Tour de Crypto

Two bicyclists named Jason Berlin and Jovel Velasquez have recently created a powerful movement stating the importance and relevance of crypto. Last year, the tandem held the charitable event called ‘Tour de Crypto’ in where the bicyclists travel from the Hamptons in New York to Huntington Beach, California in where they spread information about crypto and how to donate to their charity protecting survivors from domestic and sexual violence.

$1 Million For Charity

According to the report, Tour de Crypto is an annual event tackling crypto information along with dealing on various societal problems. As a matter of fact, the organization now sets their 2018 goal of reaching an amount of $1 million for the non-profit agency called Houston Area Women’s Center. In order to reach their goal, the organization announced that they will held an art auction happening on November 30 – December 1 at Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit in DC.

Interestingly, as a result of their last year’s event, Berlin and Velasquez met two artists named Nanu Berks and Vesa Kivinen. These two artists created paintings inspired with the concept of crypto in which will be auctioned in the same event.

Crypto-Art For Sale

Nanu Berks, a known artist for her crypto-inspired works, will be auctioning her mixed-media — with recycled computer parts — painting called ‘Balance on the Chain.’ This art features two faces — the masculine and the feminine. As explained by Berks, the masculine side is “a piece made out of frustration turned into inspiration,” while the feminine face tackles “the eye of the collective consciousness” and “many fractal structures as seen in nature.”

Another artist is Kivinen from Finland whose work is called ‘Blood on the Podcast Floor’. Just like Berks, Kivinen agreed to support the organization on donating her work for the charity. Kivinen’s work was somehow more intrinsic as it has a backward FM symbol with the number 130 — signifying the Bad Crypto Podcast which Kivinen was featured. Interestingly, the worth of this painting may be auctioned higher due to the signatures of various crypto personnel signed on the artwork such as Vinny Lingham, co-founder and CEO of Civic, and Charlie Lee, creator of the cryptocurrency Litecoin.

Tour de Crypto are hoping to reach their goal with the help of these artworks as they share the importance of crypto in the market and in the community.


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