Thursday, June 20, 2019

Craig Wright To Sue Those Who Say He’s Not Satoshi; This Action To Cause Removal Of BSV On Major Exchanges

Craig Wright popularly known as self-acclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin threatens to sue those that accuse him not being who he claims to be. His actions have sparked moves to delist BSV from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Threat To Sue For Defamation

Though Craig Wright has never proven that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, he has threatened to sue those that accused him of being a fraud. On several occasions the community has found Craig Wright lying, altering documents and posts to generate credibility.

In a recent tweet, Calvin Ayre (one of the top “Craigliebers”) tweeted that CSW had issued defamation complaints to an undisclosed number of people. Also, it was revealed that he is going to prove in court that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Craig has started filing lawsuit against those falsely denying he is Satoshi….they can all have a day in court to try to prove their fake case but the judge will rule that Craig invented Bitcoin because he did and he can prove it.— Calvin Ayre (@CalvinAyre) 29 March 2019

The possible “wave” of lawsuits started with a complaint against hodlnaut, an anonymous Twitter account that created the #CraigWrightIsAFraud campaign.

Further, in another tweet, Calvin noted those that he has served letters to people which includes Vitalik Buterin and Peter McCormack.

First round of Troll Hunting letters went out to Vitalik (front for his father) and Eth, nobodies at Chepicap and an even lessor nobody named Peter McCormack who says he wants to spend his money to prove that Craig did not invent Bitcoin. Stay tuned as this will be fun :-)— Calvin Ayre (@CalvinAyre) 12 April 2019

BSV Faces Removal

In reaction to the actions of Craig Wright, some of the bigwigs in the industry have called for delisting of BSV from exchanges. One of the top advocates of delisting BSV is CZ, CEO of Binance. CZ noted in a tweet post that “Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Any more of this sh!t, we delist!”

Also, Anthony Pompliano tweeted that “Every exchange should delist BSV simultaneously on May 1st in a sign of solidarity behind the only Bitcoin that ever mattered. This community is the responsibility of the people. Sometimes we must do the hard thing, not because…”

The movement to delist BSV is gradually gaining ground. If actualized it would render BSV valueless. Also, if Craig continues with his lawsuit, he still has a great hurdle to cross in proving he is the real Satoshi.

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