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Couple Pays For Breakfast Using Bitcoin, Community Finds This Fascinating

A Reddit user by the username u/portageco recently made a post in bitcoin’s official subreddit. In his post, u/portageco boasts about how he paid for breakfast, for him and his spouse using bitcoin.

Bitcoin Still Used In Micropayments

Unlike many believe that bitcoin is only meant for speculation, this Reddit couple has just reminded the community why bitcoin was created. It’s clear from the redditor’s post that he’s excited about his adventure and hopes that someday this becomes the most expensive meal he has eaten as the value of bitcoin continues to grow.

The redditor who shared a copy of his receipt on Reddit had this to say;

“Had a nice breakfast at Caribou Coffee with my wife, paid with BTC using the SPEDN app. I told the cashier I would be paying with Bitcoin. She looked at me like I had two heads. Here’s to hoping this is the most expensive breakfast I’ve ever had once BTC goes to the moon!”

His experience, like some others, gives some level of hope that cryptocurrencies would become legal tenders globally sooner or later. With a little research, it’s evident that so many small businesses are starting to adopt the nascent technology. Cryptocurrencies, hence are used to pay for almost anything as at today.

The Community Reacts

The bitcoin community sounds so ecstatic about what the redditor posted. A lot of people were willing to try similar actions out while a few others will rather hodl their bitcoins still.

One redditor in particular, u/FullMe7alJacke7 had a different reaction. Though he wasn’t against spending bitcoins in similar manner, he feels it could be expensive to do so. In his comment, he said;

“You lose some money in fees getting the money to bitcoin (at least from USD), but why not sacrifice a little to spread awareness? It supports the overall goal. Normalize bitcoin spending.

Still searching for the least expensive way to turn USD into BTC”

Bitcoin Continues To Receive Wild Adoption

Caribou Coffee is one of many places crypto holders can spend their cryptocurrencies in the United States. Recently, BTCNN reported on Litecoin being accepted in over 30,000 stores in the United States. Not just Litecoin, but bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ethereum can be spent in places such as Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom among others as well.

As more people and businesses gain awareness about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the community expects an increasing number of places to spend their crypto holdings.

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