Tuesday, April 7, 2020

ConsenSys Partners With Coursera To Teach Blockchain Courses Online

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ConsenSys has partnered with an online education media platform, Coursera, to offer the public with courses in blockchain technology. ConsenSys is a blockchain startup that happens to be the leading venture production studio building decentralized applications for the tools used by Ethereum.

According to a recent announcement published by Coursera, the two companies in the partnership will be launching a course in blockchain technology titled; “Blockchain: Foundations And Use Cases.” The course will be designed to expose students to the introductory aspect of the blockchain technology and help them develop the required skills needed to understand how the technology is innovative changing specific industries in the world and also to equip students with knowledge which will enable them to proffer solutions to problems with the instrumentality of blockchain technology.

The partnership by these companies is borne out of the optimism in the blockchain technology and its capacity to revolutionize all sectors but the only problems to be the fact that most people are not familiar with the technical know-how of the technology and how it could make life easy for all.

The Coursera Blockchain Course

According to the online education platform Coursera, the courses will be designed so as to equip students with different skills even those who have little or no prior technical education with the website stating that;

“This foundation course is designed to give anyone in the world that is, curious individuals and professionals alike – an introduction to this increasingly popular next generation technology. Course learners will get the knowledge and skills they need to understand blockchain’s impact on the world and identify problems to solve using blockchain in their domain of expertise.”

The academic institution went further to state the peculiarity of the course saying that it will enable students to learn anytime, anywhere with “Coursera’s flexible learning platform and a robust mobile app.” Students will also be issued certificates upon completion of the course. The firm also shared how far they have been able to go and how far they intend to go stating that;

“This is the first-time offering with Coursera is an opportunity for non-technical learners to add blockchain knowledge and enhance their professional skill set. ConsenSys Academic has a track record successfully training students and continuing to facilitate opportunities following graduation; ConsenSys Academic Inaugural Developer Program graduated 55 students, 35 of whom joined ConsenSys as employees. The current cohort of online developers has close to 900 students, 200 of whom are being considered for employment in the Ethereum ecosystem.”

Blockchain Technology Penetrating Education Sector

Earlier in the week, the Linux Foundation reportedly opened enrollment for its new advanced training courses for Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology. This newly introduced courses will expose students to know how to tackle the basics of the blockchain technology and distribution ledger technology (DLTs), together with “the core architecture and components” which seems to be the bedrock of decentralized Hyperledger Fabric applications.

The rate at which educational institutions around the world have been innovatively adopting the blockchain technology is really high, high enough to force an enthusiast of the innovation to see it as a penetration into the education sector which has been one of the most conservative concerning embracing technology. The Blockchain technology seems to have penetrated both practical applications and in their circular.

The above fact is further corroborated by the research conducted recently by crypto exchange Coinbase which revealed that almost half percent (42%) of the world’s top universities have at least one class on cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

In a similar move to explore the advantages of Blockchain, it was reported that South Korea, Malta, and Turkey all made various press statements stating that DLT-related educational programs dedicated to develop and promote the technology among talented youths as well as adults in order to consequently increase the availability of skilled professionals in the fast-growing blockchain sector.

It is exigent to recognize the Tezos Foundation due to its announcement that it will be issuing financial grants to research institutions for the blockchain technology and smart contract development at various universities in the Universities situated in the United States, Portugal, and France.

The saying that “there is no hiding place for a golden fish” seems to be pointing fingers at the blockchain technology as it appears that the potentials and applications of the innovation have been witnessed in almost all sectors. This explains the logic behind its adoption, once again the blockchain technology penetration into the education sector will further stitch the technology into the fabric of the society which means, more adoption.

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