Cointext Allows Turkish, and Argentinian Residents Transact Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Via SMS launches its SMS enabled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transaction service in Turkey and Argentina. The new service further provides options and ease for the Turks and Argentines in their use of the cryptocurrency.
A means to access the growing market of cryptocurrency users and expansion of reach had aided the launch of Cointext wallet in Argentina and Turkey. is a cryptocurrency-based service that enables transactions of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) without internet access, apps, accounts or password, but through SMS. This makes BCH transactions possible on any mobile phone device, which includes iPhone, Samsung, and even old Nokia flip phones, through a mobile phone number or BCH address. In as much as your phone can send and receive SMS messages with your telecom service, you can use Cointext.
Cointext’s founder and CTO, Vin Armani expressed his delight stating that the firm is very excited to provide tools to help the use of cryptocurrencies. Vin also further noted that before the introduction of Cointext there is always a need to download a software wallet or join an exchange to get the first cryptocurrency and to send cryptocurrency to friends, and there is always a need to inform them to do the same. At the moment all it requires is a text message to a phone.
The users of the Cointext can control their wallet with simple SMS commands such as Balance, to see their balance and Receive, to display their wallet address.
Also, funds can be sent to domestic and foreign numbers by texting commands like send $1 *phone number*. The transactions are instantly done on the Bitcoin Cash’s blockchain after entering a 2FA code.
Users in Turkey can create a new Cointext wallet by sending an SMS with the word BASLA to 90-850-540-0651.
Users in Argentina should text the words COINTEXT INICIAR to 11011.
The hyperinflation has aided the growing market of cryptocurrency users in Argentina and Turkey as experienced in these countries. Weak economy and hyperinflation have been a major driving factor for cryptocurrency adoption in most countries.
Also, Economic sanctions and trade wars have been a significant factor for the poor economic condition, and the hyperinflation has experienced by Venezuela, Argentina, and Turkey recently. After the value of Venezuelan bolivar, the Argentine peso and Turkish lira have experienced the most significant decline in their exchange rate with the US dollar in 2018. The peso has seen a loss of about 60% in value while lira has experienced a loss of about 40% in value.

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