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Coinbase’s Reddit AMA: ‘It’s like Amazon in the early days’

Brian Armstrong compares Coinbase to Amazon in the early days in terms of innovations that will benefit customers.
The CEO of U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong has apologized for poor customer support and revealed the company could integrate with DeFi protocols in a comprehensive Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. The Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) posted on March 17 had amassed over a thousand questions and responses from members of the social media platform. Company CEO Brian Armstrong and CFO Alessia Haas finally got around to responding to a few of them a week later on March 23.There was also a video that accompanied the AMA, which was a first for a company going public, in which the firm chose to address the questions with the most votes, value to the community, and relevance to its upcoming listing.One of the most popular questions was from a Coinbase customer of four years regarding poor customer service with the user (Reverseengineer_24) claiming that support likes to “hide behind layers of ineffective automated workflows.”Armstrong responded with an apology but adding that the company has been overwhelmed recently with the surge in cryptocurrency prices:“Just probably three, four months ago, we were getting about 25,000 customer support inquiries a week. And within say, four weeks, it jumped to 100,000 or more.”He added that the problem was being addressed and the company had quadrupled its capacity by bringing on at least 600 or more customer support agents this year alone. Haas chimed in …
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