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Coinbase releases investor education resources

In the lead up to our proposed direct listing, Coinbase has released videos with information on our business; we are also launching a Reddit “Ask Us Anything” to engage with investors of all typesAs Coinbase prepares for our upcoming proposed direct listing, we are committed to providing investors with the best information we can to inform their investment decisions. With this in mind, today we’re sharing two new resources that we believe will offer additional insight into our business.Reddit “Ask Us Anything”As part of our proposed direct listing, we’ll be spending time educating institutional investors about Coinbase and crypto in general. This is the standard process for all companies going through a public listing, but it leaves out a sizable audience: everyday investors. We want a process where all investors, regardless of affiliation or size, have equal access to information and have the opportunity to engage with us.So we’re trying something new. Over the next three days, finishing 7pm PDT on Friday, we’ll be taking questions from anyone about our business, the cryptoeconomy and our vision via a Reddit “AUA” (Ask Us Anything). Hosted here, the AUA will allow anyone that’s considering investing in Coinbase to ask our executives relevant questions. Like other AUAs, we’ll look to the community to upvote questions. The Coinbase executive team will then answer as many of them as we can.Investor education videosAlongside our investor “AUA” and in lieu of a traditional Investor Day, we …
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