Coinbase Complaints Show Dramatic Woes With Users And Tech Issues

Some might think that a giant like Coinbase, arguably one of the biggest and most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the whole world, should have a solid platform, capable if servicing users and correct mistakes made painlessly. But according to complaints documents released by the American regulator, the SEC, you would be amazed by the things that happen in this in this exchange; things that reveal that maybe Coinbase has grown too much for its own good.
In the complaint reports, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request done by the Mashable web portal in the state of California, there are different signs and chilling cases that show that Coinbase has been unable (and in some cases unwilling) to answer to their users in some pretty serious cases that involve loss of money and even user wallet lockout.
In a specific case, a user had made a withdrawal of some funds from one of their Coinbase accounts to another one of its accounts, an internal service that should be pretty quick; but to his surprise, the assets were never received in the other account. He communicated with Coinbase’s support and he was told that they would reach to him, but a month passed and they never solved his problem. The man stated in his complaint that he believed that the company was making use of his money to make some revenue from his investment. To the day, the man considers his 5,000 lost.
This could seem like an isolated case, but the thing is that the documents show a number of complaints that are consistently similar with this one. In another case, a customer reported that Coinbase withdrew 15,000$ from his bank account without his consent.
Another curious complaint is one in which one customer claims that he was locked out of its account due to a software mistake of the same company. This client was unable to access their funds, that he claims are of more than 10 bitcoin. But a month passed and Coinbase has not resolved his issue; there are tons of complaints in the same vein as this one also.
Coinbase is a company that presents itself as one of the easiest ways to get into cryptocurrency by the non-tech-savvy folks who want to start investing; and as a result of this, they have reported an astounding growth in this year so far. But reports like this show what this kind of growth can make to the quality of the services provided by a company. No doubt, Coinbase has grown too much for its own benefit. And now there are reports to prove it.

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